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Recharge your ride at Tom’s!

Cover more ground and take in more sights with Tom’s Bicycles selection of electric bicycles (e-bikes) with electric pedal assist and full electric options.693311

Let the Sun Electrolite’s 250 Watt Direct Drive motor do all the work so you can breeze to work or play comfortably. The Electrolite has a top speed of 17.4 mph, a range of about 35 miles, and a battery that charges from empty to full in 5 hours.road-e-plus-1

If you’re looking for a lot more zip, the Giant Road-E is a road bike featuring a 105/Ultegra group set and a 500 Watt electric motor powered by Yamaha.  This is a real climber and will make you feel like a champ!


Giant’s Quick-E features a hybrid frame design, Shimano Deore group set with hydraulic disc brakes and the same 500 Watt motor as the Road-E.  Both have a top speed of 28 mph.

Electric Bikes Available through Tom’s Bicycles:

Felt Electric Bikes

Giant E-Bikes

Raleigh Electric Bikes

Sun Electric

Currie Technologies

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