Check out the following for lots of great deals! Call to make sure your bike is still here or stop by for an even bigger selection in store. These are going fasssst!



2012 Felt Z3


This electronic shift bike is priced for your pocket. At just $2599.99 you’re saving more than $2000.00! Only one left in stock so get it while it can get got.


2013 Felt TK3

Felt TK3

Have you ever been interested in track racing or just want a fast fixed gear bike? This Felt TK3 is light and ready to race. Currently priced at $409.99.


2014 Felt Jetty Womens

felt jetty

If you’re wanting to just cruise around, the Jetty is the bike for you! This single speed bike comes with a sturdy rear basket. Get cruisin’ in style for only $250



2014 Felt F75x

Felt F75x

Here’s a great deal on a bike for you. If you’re thinking about racing cross or just want to get a durable road bike, this is the one for you. Only $850


2015 Felt Rail 29ner

felt rail


A cruiser adaptation of a 1980’s BMX racer equipped with a Sturmey Archer kick-back rear hub which allows you to change gears just by doing a slight back pedal! On sale for $320


2015 TCR Espoir

TCR Espoir

Is your little one looking to ride super fast with you? Help them get there with this little 24″ wheel road bike! Priced for your pocket book $400


2015 Giant Defy 3

Defy 3If you’re new to road biking and want to get out on the open road this bike will get you there. For only $550 this bike won’t last long.


2015 Raleigh Port Townsend

Port Townsend

Going to pick up that 6 pack? This will help you carry it. On sale for $500

2015 Women’s Simple Single

Simple Single W

Need to get cruising? This one will get you on your way for only $220



2015 Raleigh Clubman

Raleigh Clubman

Lightweight steel road bike. Comes with disc brakes and fenders, ready for your next adventure! Priced at only $700


2016 Giant Motr


Great bike to get your kid cruising the neighborhood in style. Priced only $180


2016 Felt Cafe 7 Mens

Felt 2016 Cafe 7

If you are looking to take a stroll around the neighborhood or to your favorite coffee shop, get there with the Felt Cafe. Comes equipped with a coffee cup holder! On sale for $320


2016 Giant ToughRoad SLR 2

ToughRoad Slr 2

Get down in the dirt and grime or just whip around through the city with the Toughroad. This super light bike will be the best of both worlds. Comes equipped with a carbon fork and hydraulic disc brakes for a smooth ride and easy stopping. On sale for $670


2016 Avail 4

Avail 4

Looking for an comfortable, inexpensive road bike? Then look no further. Giant’s Liv bikes are designed for women by women. This bike is priced at $520 a nice savings to get you riding today!


2016 Felt Z7

Felt Z7


Light weight carbon frame that will take you anywhere faster! On sale for $1300

2016 Felt Z100

Felt Z100

Aluminum frame with a carbon fork road bike. This Felt will get you out riding without breaking your pocketbook. Sale price is $650


2016 Fastroad Comax 1

Fastroad Comax

Want a road bike but don’t like to be bent over? This flat bar road bike is great for commuting. With its full carbon frame you’ll get where you need to be…fast! On sale at $1200


2017 Liv BeLiv 2

Whether you’re riding on pavement or gravel this versatile bicycle will be all the bike you need. On sale for $640









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