Holiday Gift Ideas

ribbon tape


If you’re looking to change things up on your bike then look no further than Serfas’ new bar tape. With 26 styles of Woven and 7 styles of Ribbon to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Serfas Combo Light Set


The LED revolution has hit bicycle lights too… rechargeable and bright most of these dependable lights come with a lifetime warranty! Starting at $17.99

Now is the time to get a cycling GPS. The Giant NeosTrack is now on sale for $149.99.


Come in and check out these other great gift ideas!

Ottolock-Lightweight and strong, this is the toughest lock you’ll need. Starting at $59.99 w/ 30″ strap

Cycling Shorts-You can’t have too many cycling shorts. Padded shorts starting at $34.99

Gloves-Another item you can’t have too many of. One must take care of the contact points! Starting at $19.99

Pumps-Riding a bike is more fun with air in the tires. Nothing beats a good old fashioned tire pump.  Chuck fits all valves.  Starting at $29.99

Gift Cards-can’t decide? Here you go! Any amount $5 and over

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